Taurus Leather Heavy Duty Super Yankee Apron

The Taurus Leather company is a family owned business in New Zealand and their Leather Heavy Duty Super Yankee Apron is made tough, straight out of NZ!

The Super Yankee tool belt was made for the serious tradesperson in right-hand and left-hand options (there you go lefties), which is identified by the position of the hammer.

Picking up the belt for the first time we noticed the quality of the product. The rivets, stitching quality and design of the pouches were all the top quality you would expect from a high-end tool belt. The split leg design is made from New Zealand cowhide full grain leather for durability and comfort, so you can put your trust in the Taurus Super Yankee to get you through the years.

There is plenty of space to put nails, fixing or tools in its four large pockets. The pockets have rolled edges with no bottom seams, which provides strength and greater access because screws won’t get caught in the seams. It also has a nail bar, tape clip/combi square holder, nail gun loop, steel hammer holder, phone pouch, lined chisel pouch and smaller pockets, 50mm heavy-duty leather work belt, with the pocket slides on the belt enabling optimum positioning of pockets. Not only did we load up the belt with a bunch of tools for the day-to-day jobs during testing, we really tested manoeuvrability whilst the tool belt was on – up and down scaffolds, crouching down on concrete mesh, walking up and down stairs, and picking items of the ground. The Taurus Super Yankee was comfortable to wear for long periods and very manoeuvrable around site.

The Taurus Super Yankee is a tough belt with an excellent build quality and the accessories are designed and positioned well. We recommend this belt for the professional builder/carpenter but check out their belts for other trades if you require a different layout. They all have the same quality build! Made tough in New Zealand, the Taurus Super Yankee is a belt to consider if you are in the market for a new one

Test #1 General Comfort

The comfort factor when I was putting the tool belt on was great and as we added tools and weight to the belt it still sat well on the hips. There was plenty of room for everything we needed to run with tool-wise for the day.

Test #2 The Scaffolding Climb Test And Steel Tying Test

Over the years I’ve had several tool belts that when climbing up scaff or crouching I would almost always end up dropping various items out of my bag. If it happened to be a hand tool I needed, or the rattle gun popped off the loop, I would end up having to climb back down to find the dropped item – a waste of time. In this last test I climbed up and down the scaff onsite several times, which I am happy to report not a single item was dropped or fell out of the bag. I had the same experience when tying the steel for a concrete pour that was happening later that day. In both a crouching and leaning over position nothing was dropped. The Taurus Leather Heavy Duty Super Yankee Apron was a handy, straightforward tool belt. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that some of the other brands are coming out with these days, but for a comfortable tool belt with plenty of room that sits where you want it to allowing you to find your tools quickly when you need them – you can’t go wrong with the Taurus.

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