Agnew’s Water Putty

Agnew’s Water Putty is the original and the best since 1929.

Being the trusted filler of choice for the trade since 1929, the formulation is time tested, still manufactured in Australia from only locally sourced materials and provides a hard wearing finish.

Agnew’s Water Putty is an excellent filler for patching and levelling almost any substrate including wood, plasterboard cement sheet and concrete.

The unique feature with this tool of the trade is that not only can it be used as a powder-based full-bodied filler, the product can also be easily converted into a floor leveller by simply adding more water!

Not only can the consistency of the product be adjusted to work in any environment, best of all, this product can be used in so many ways. Agnew’s Water Putty can be left on any job site from the start of the job through to completion, leading to no downtime looking for a filling or levelling application and increasing efficiency.

The product can be used to patch any cracks in the slab used by carpenters on any timber application, can be applied to help level any areas before tiling or even used for ramping for carpet layers. Simply mix what is required and keep the balance for future needs.

Agnew’s Water Putty sets hard, adheres permanently and fills to any depth without shrinking or cracking. It can be sawn, drilled and sanded. Agnew’s Water Putty is also ideal for Architectural and Hobby Moulding.

Use For Lasting Repairs

Agnew’s Water Putty is great for repairs because it sticks and stays put. Plus, it’s easy to use, dries rock hard, and never shrinks. It fills voids completely and is ideal for wood repair and plaster patches.

Fill Holes In Wood

Agnew’s Water Putty is ideal for filling knot holes, nail holes, oversized screw holes, and other defects in wood. Leave the putty uncoloured if it is to be painted, or coloured if it is to be matched with the wood by simply adding oxides before water is mixed into the product.

Fix Door Bumpers

Tighten loose door bumpers and trim with Agnew’s Water Putty. Simply fill the oversized hole with putty, insert the bumper and let set. It may hold better than when originally installed.

General Repair Uses

Use Agnew’s Water Putty to patch cracks and holes in walls, repair furniture, tighten loose wood joints, fill holes in wood so dowels and/or screws can be reset, fill edges and imperfections in plywood, and repair all kinds of antiques.

Floor Levelling

Agnew’s Water Putty is ideal for levelling floors or ramping for minor floor level variations. It is commonly used on concrete, timber and ceramic tile substrates.

Patch Cracked Plaster Walls

Use a putty knife to spread the putty into cracks and cavities of plaster walls. Agnew’s Water Putty does not shrink so the cracks disappear. For vertical applications, simply add less water for a thicker body filler. Plus, your Agnew’s Putty repair will last and last.

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