A Decking Screw For Every Project

Whatever you’re building with, from hardwood to PVC, it’s important to know which fasteners are highest in quality, but also fit for material and fit for purpose, making sure the deck you build lasts for years.

With that in mind, we’ve outlined the best decking screws for the decking material of your choice.

We all know how repetitive laying down decking boards can be and how long it takes when needing to pre-drill into hardwood. The Zenith Stainless Steel self drilling decking screws will save you time and energy because there is no need for pre-drilling or pre-countersinking. The thicker 12 gauge also gives you a stronger hold, with a lower risk of the screw snapping off when fastening hardwood to timber.

Wider decking boards are a common option for larger decks; however, these are more prone to movement and cupping, which can result in smaller-gauge screws failing shortly after installation. Buildex® XL Head Decking Screws offer a visible, high-strength 12-gauge stainless steel fixing to accommodate decking board movement and cupping, ensuring the deck lasts longer.

Buildex® DecKing® Steel is a screw suitable for softwood, treated pine and hardwood decking boards to steel joists. Quick and easy to install, it self-drills into steel joists with a square drive – ensuring a positive drive when installing – and has a small head for a flush, clean finish. Bi-Metal Stainless Steel Grade 304 offers excellent corrosion protection, and allows for expansion and contraction of the timber decking.

The Buildex® Climacoat® Treated Pine Decking Screw were specifically designed for treated pine and hardwood to timber and guarantees superior performance. The Climacoat protection is perfect for high corrosion resisting chemicals present in treated pine.

The CAMO® Hidden Decking System provides a seamless, fastener-free deck surface. Distinctive side entry secures solid or grooved deck-boards directly to the joist, reducing board movement and allowing the screws to be hidden. A unique trim-head design makes for a less-visible point of entry. The reverse rake tip removes deck material as it bores, letting the screw penetrate the board without splitting. A star drive offers more points of contact for better performance, plus reduces bit slippage and wear.

Do it right the first time and build it for a long time. Choose the best materials and techniques for your decking job and present a quality finish you can be proud of.

For more information on more products from Buildex and Zenith, visit www.itwproline.com.au

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