Paslode Cordless Coilmaster

We welcome to the ring Australia’s first Cordless Coil Nailer from Paslode,which is sure to be a game-changer onsite.

Designed for the needs of the Australian market, it delivers cordless convenience, increased productivity and safety first! Let’s face it, the compressor and air hose can be painful to use when not in a factory scenario. Not only are they heavy and bulky to transport, but the air hose is also a little bit of a pain setting up and lugging around the site. Up and down ladders, around corners, it’s continually getting caught or in someone’s way – let alone when using up a ladder! Paslode has cut the hose and created a convenient, cordless powerhouse for metal connectors, bracing, cladding, ply and fencing.

When I picked up the CoilMaster for the first time I noticed how great the ergonomics felt. The handle was very comfortable to hold, the tool was well balanced, and the grip material and shape was perfect. This was also very evident after a massive day of nailing – not only were we significantly less restricted, not lugging around the additional pull of the air hose, but I could attach the gun to my tool belt for secure movement. Walking around the site was easy until it was needed again, just like its framing and finishing brothers.

Loading Takes Only Seconds

Loading the nailer was extremely easy and the adjustable nail tray allowed me to quickly and easily change the size of the nails that I needed to use and hold them snug. The significant depth of drive wheel made for speedy adjustments and the increments provided the perfect depth for the application needed. The Paslode also sports a removable no-mar tip and carries a spare just below the depth dial. Paslode has also enhanced its fan performance, which has this beast purring like a pussy cat. The interchangeable battery with Paslode on/off battery lock is also a feature carried across to the coil nailer and is great for storing or saving the Paslode battery without removing it.

Plenty Of Fastener Options

As much as this review is about the awesome new Paslode CoilMaster, a very special mention must be made to their range of fastener types. Paslode has also released a variety of sizes, shank and finishes for different applications and environments. From the two 32mm screw options (hardened shank with electro gal and smooth HDG), 45mm ring HDG finish to 50mm ring shank with stainless steel finish and 50mm ring HDG, there is the right fixing for the job. One tool, five fastener types with multi-use applications!

An Awesome Time-Saving Tool

We had the perfect site to test the CoilMaster with bracing, triple grips and a variety of hangers all available to test the gun. It was easy to line up and target the existing holes on the hangers and grips. Moving up and down ladders and navigating tight or awkward positions was a dream without having the need to carry around the hose and the tangles that can occur when doing so. Essentially a huge amount of time was saved with the Paslode Coil Gun.

Paslode did their R & D on this unit and gave it a vigorous Real-World field test Australia wide to really understand end-user pain points and optimise their fasteners. As a result we are presented with Australia’s first Paslode Cordless Coil Nailer! Its portability is ultra-convenient, productivity is second to none, and it’s now removed the need for the hose, which makes it a lot safer and easier to use around site.

A massive winner all round. I would check one out – do it now!

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