If you regularly find yourself struggling to get heavy-duty nuts and bolts undone or your work involved heavy-duty mechanical, industrial, agricultural or construction tools, you are going to love AEG’s 18V ¾” FUSION 6 Mode High Torque Impact Wrench. This beast is AEG’s most powerful battery-powered tool to date and […]

Buildex® Self-Drilling Decking Screws are specifically designed for fastening hardwood and treated pine deck boards to softwood and treated pine joists. They offer deck builders the optimum balance between speed, non-split properties, and clean finishing, without the need to pre-drill and pre-countersink – so you can drive with quality, speed, […]

The task of securing timber or metal framework into concrete with fixings that need to be drilled, screwed and/or glued leaves the potential for plates and structures to move during the process of fixing. Ramset’s FrameBoss XPM allows the instant firingof up to 100mm pins through steel, timber and concrete, […]

The task of drilling masonry can be a complete pain or a pleasure depending on the quality of your masonry drill bit, especially when drilling into reinforced concrete. Inferior quality bits are prone to rounding off and becoming dull and slow to drill, as well as creating excess vibration. Simple […]

Ubiflex Extreme – Extremely Superior Flashing Alternative CA Group has decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide product range of quality building solution materials. CA Group’s latest product is a high-grade quality silicone surface lead flashing alternative known as Ubiflex Extreme! If you are looking for a superior […]

Tradies and operators of heavy machinery who need to regularly grease their machinery are going to love AEG’s new 18V 450 Gram 2-Speed Grease Gun. With heaps of power and a 2-speed gearbox there is no denying this grease gun was built for heavy-duty use. It was designed for lubricating […]

CAgroup has decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution of a wide product range, selling a broad range of products to the Australian and New Zealand building and plumbing merchant market. CAgroup offer a full range of roof flashings, damp proof course products, silicone sealants, insulation foil, brazing alloys, concrete […]

I’ve owned a couple of planers in my time and have always had a real love of this particular tool. For some reason whenever it’s time to pull out the planer I always seem to get a little more amped up than most of the other power tools and find […]

Agnew’s Water Putty is the original and the best since 1929. Being the trusted filler of choice for the trade since 1929, the formulation is time tested, still manufactured in Australia from only locally sourced materials and provides a hard wearing finish. Agnew’s Water Putty is an excellent filler for […]