Ubiflex Extreme

Ubiflex Extreme – Extremely Superior Flashing Alternative

CA Group has decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide product range of quality building solution materials. CA Group’s latest product is a high-grade quality silicone surface lead flashing alternative known as Ubiflex Extreme!

If you are looking for a superior quality flashing alternative that is fast and easy to install, then Ubiflex Extreme is the product for you.

Ubiflex Extreme is faster to install than other flashing products and its silicone surface is superior in quality compared to other alternative flashing on the market offering high UV resistance, it doesn’t soften, breakdown, or become brittle due to harsh weather conditions.

Unlike other flashing products that use sticky back, Ubiflex is not affected by dusty surfaces and best of all, if you put it down wrong, no worries you can pick it up and reapply as many times as you need until you have achieved the perfect result.

Ubiflex offers two colour alternatives from the same roll, meaning leftover rolls are transferable between different jobs.

Ubiflex comes in three different colour options: grey/black and terracotta/grey.

Ubiflex is wind uplift resistant and once fitted the flashing should stay in place.

Furthermore, it’s easy to cut with scissors or a knife and can be fitted in 5m lengths without any requirements for expansion joints.

So why not give Ubiflex extreme a go, you will find its performance to be one step ahead of the rest! Ubiflex Extreme can be purchased at a range of plumbing and building supply stores.

For more information, visit the website www.cagroup.com.au

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