Kango SDS Plus K4 4-Cut Drill Bits

The task of drilling masonry can be a complete pain or a pleasure depending on the quality of your masonry drill bit, especially when drilling into reinforced concrete.

Inferior quality bits are prone to rounding off and becoming dull and slow to drill, as well as creating excess vibration. Simple tasks like fixing masonry anchors or threaded bar can potentially become a nightmare with the wrong bit.

Kango’s SDS Plus K4 4-Cut Drill Bits have been designed and engineered to ensure a pain-free experience, while delivering unmatched performance, accuracy and durability, even in the most demanding masonry drilling applications with its solid carbide head.

Kango K4 SDS Plus 6.5mm X 215mm Drill Bits have a solid carbide 4-cut head, which provides faster drilling with low vibration and optimum drilling performance. Enlarged rebar chamfers protect the bit head from breaking when making contact with rebar. Bigger flute entrance

s effectively remove stock faster and increase drilling speeds. The power breaker technology also increases drilling speed by breaking up material while drilling. Kango K4 SDS Drill Bits are only compatible for use with SDS Hammer Drills.

Test1. 25mm Long 4-Cut Head

I couldn’t help but jump straight into the 25mm. The overall length is 250mm with the actual drill depth 200mm. For this test a building mate Dan had a site where I could sink the chunky German-made bit into a slab. The first thing that impressed were the oversized rebar chamfers to stop the drill from breaking on any impact with rebar, which was sure to happen with this slab. The AEG rotary SDS Hammer drill sank the 25mm bit into the slab very well considering we hadn’t made a smaller pre-drill into the concrete. The drilling process was a lot faster than I expected and did a great job of clearing the material out of the drill hole. Sometimes when drilling with larger diameter drill bits like this one with inferior masonry drill bits, it is easy to accidentally over drill the hole and open it up too much. The Kango K4 drilled accurate, clean holes. These bits also have a centering tip, which allows for immediate spot drilling and prevents skidding.


Kango SDS Plus K4 4-Cut Drill Bits

  • 50 per cent better performance in reinforced concrete
  • 20 per cent faster drilling speeds
  • PGM Certified
  • SDS plus
  • German made
  • Solid carbide head
  • 4-cut head
  • Vibration control

Test2. 16mm 600mm Long 4-Cut Head

For our next test I was really keen to put the 16mm 600mm long shaft 4-cut head drill bit to the task, but because our original site was a suspended slab, we changed location to another builder mate’s site where we could go deeper with the long shaft. This next site had a nice big footing that I could sink the K4 bit into. Again, the K4 did an awesome job at drilling down into the slab, and Kango bits are PGM Certified so you will know they will perfectly fit any certified anchor. The high volume quad flutes are engineered for removing material, which when drilling deep holes as with this 600mm long shaft becomes even more important.

With minimal vibration and maximum durability – thanks to the solid carbide head – even if you need to drill numerous holes, you will appreciate the speed and performance of this range.

The Wrap-Up

We had an excellent selection of diameter drill bits – ranging from 5mm to 32mm, available in lengths from 110mm to 600mm – on hand for this test and each one performed exceptionally well. The packaging suggests up to 50 per cent better performance in reinforced concrete and up to 20 per cent faster drilling – after completing the tests I’d have to say these K4 bits are on the money with this claim.

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