Buildex® Self-drilling Decking Screws

Buildex® Self-Drilling Decking Screws are specifically designed for fastening hardwood and treated pine deck boards to softwood and treated pine joists. They offer deck builders the optimum balance between speed, non-split properties, and clean finishing, without the need to pre-drill and pre-countersink – so you can drive with quality, speed, and confidence!

The typical practice for fastening decking boards to timber subframes involves pre-drilling and pre-countersinking prior to attaching the decking board to the joist with a standard decking screw. This practice is commonly used as hardwood decking boards are dense in nature and this poses the risk of splitting the deck board when fixing close to the edge or alternatively snapping the screw due to the torque required to penetrate hard timbers. With a standard deck requiring up to 1500 decking screws, this labour-intensive practice translates in hours of time.

The Buildex Self-Drilling Decking Screws is a one-step fastening solution that saves hours of time by eliminating the traditional time-consuming process with the confidence of not snapping the screw and splitting the deck board during installation. This new decking screw incorporates several design features that deliver optimum performance for self-drilling, non-split performance, speed and ease of installation and improved aesthetics:

• Quick Drive Point for faster installation and to prevent deck boards from splitting. It allows precise positioning to reduce “walking” when placing the screw on the board and effectively penetrates 50 per cent into hardwood deck boards before the thread engages.
• Serrated and Super Thread rapidly cuts timber into small fibres to reduce splitting, while drawing out timber fibres to reduce driving torque.
• Clearing Thread enlarges the hole to reduce friction on the shank of the decking screw as it prepares for countersinking.
• Trim Head minimises pressure on deck boards when embedding and features a T20 Star Drive that offers positive bit engagement and more resistance to “cam-out”.
 Cutting Nibs under the head enhances the overall appearance of the deck by providing a clean and flush finish.

These advanced decking screws come in a stainless steel 304 finish to accommodate deck board movement and provide corrosion protection for outdoor applications. They are available in two sizes; 10G x 55mm and 10G x 65mm in a trade tub quantity of 500 screws and a top up pack of 50 screws. Not only are they suitable for use in decking, but they are also great for general fixing to trellises, lattices, pergolas, fencing, pickets, and outdoor furniture.

Delivering improved productivity and superior performance. Get the job done right – first time, every time, by choosing Buildex® Self-Drilling Decking Screws for your next project!

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