AEG Dual 18v Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder

AEG is on full charge ahead at the moment and their latest offering is an absolute beast delivering an extended and powerful performance.

The Dual 18V Brushless 230mm angle grinder is saying goodbye to the cord but still delivering the power of corded. Cutting and grinding applications are a breeze and throw into the mix a powerful 18V Brushless DC motor – cutting and grinding on this new beast are hitting new top-shelf standards. This product was enjoyable to test. There is just something cool about a big 230mm grinder.

Dual Battery Power

The AEG Dual 18V Brushless Angle Grinder runs efficiently on a single battery, but its design does allow for boosted performance with the use of an additional battery for up to 50 per cent more output! Although this makes the unit slightly heavier, the grinder is well weighted and balanced and with the anti-vibration handles and rotating rear handle, you can use the grinder with minimal fatigue over long periods of use.

The rotating rear handle was excellent for positioning the trigger switch to a more comfortable position when cutting at different angles, which eliminates a lot of strain on the arms providing much more control over the grinder. Safety is furthered with the addition of the electronic blade break kicking in and stopping the 8mm wheel in less than 6 seconds. Anti-kickback shutdown mode also protects the user from kickback.

Testing the AEG grinder with a single 6Ah battery and then a single 9Ah battery showed great performance in both, with the 9Ah obviously going the extra distance. The addition of the second 6Ah or 9Ah battery made the grinder purr on effortlessly without the need to swap the batteries over. Unlike 2x18V systems where if one battery taps out the tool will stop, with AEG’s Dual 18V system if one battery taps out the other will keep the tool going.

Two x 9Ah batteries was great, and as I said before although this makes it a little heavier than the single or double 6Ah, the additional runtime is worth it. It’s also worth mentioning the specially coated motor and electronics that have been rigorously tested and proven for intense metal and mineral dust conditions.

This new Dual 18V Brushless 230mm Angle Grinder from AEG is surely going to turn some heads when they see someone using a cordless tool that has only ever been a corded tool. There will be sceptics but once they see it and more importantly feel it themselves, they will quickly change their minds. There is so much power, but without the cord, which means no annoying leads or fighting over power onsite.

Very nice!

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