The task of securing timber or metal framework into concrete with fixings that need to be drilled, screwed and/or glued leaves the potential for plates and structures to move during the process of fixing. Ramset’s FrameBoss XPM allows the instant firingof up to 100mm pins through steel, timber and concrete, […]

Ubiflex Extreme – Extremely Superior Flashing Alternative CA Group has decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide product range of quality building solution materials. CA Group’s latest product is a high-grade quality silicone surface lead flashing alternative known as Ubiflex Extreme! If you are looking for a superior […]

CAgroup has decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution of a wide product range, selling a broad range of products to the Australian and New Zealand building and plumbing merchant market. CAgroup offer a full range of roof flashings, damp proof course products, silicone sealants, insulation foil, brazing alloys, concrete […]

Agnew’s Water Putty is the original and the best since 1929. Being the trusted filler of choice for the trade since 1929, the formulation is time tested, still manufactured in Australia from only locally sourced materials and provides a hard wearing finish. Agnew’s Water Putty is an excellent filler for […]

CFT Panelware Tilt-Up Formwork is bringing simplicity, speed of construction, quality and accuracy to one of the most effective construction methods. Although Tilt-Up and Pre-Cast construction methods are not new to the construction industry, they have been experiencing record growth rates, which can be attributed to the design versatility, flexibility, […]

Whatever you’re building with, from hardwood to PVC, it’s important to know which fasteners are highest in quality, but also fit for material and fit for purpose, making sure the deck you build lasts for years. With that in mind, we’ve outlined the best decking screws for the decking material […]

Patch, embed or anchor, Concremate expands and grips as it dries, embedding the item in the surrounding material. Mixed to a workable mortar-like consistency, Concremate sets in 30 minutes and sets harder than concrete in 28 days. An expanding element in Concremate offsets drying shrinkage (often a problem in similar […]

Rigorous independent testing has proven that Alpha Gold Series drills outperform other drills on the Australian market by 30 per cent. They drill faster and last longer than other drills. Increased lubricity and heat reduction through premium titanium nitride coating, coupled with full ground M2 HSS construction, substantially increases the […]