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18v ¾” Fusion 6 Mode High Torque Impact Wrench

If you regularly find yourself struggling to get heavy-duty nuts and bolts undone or your work involved heavy-duty mechanical, industrial, agricultural or construction tools, you are going to love AEG’s 18V ¾” FUSION 6 Mode High Torque Impact Wrench. This beast is AEG’s most powerful battery-powered tool to date and can produce up to 2200Nm of class-leading nut-busting torque.

At the very heart of this powerhouse is AEG’s FUSION brushless motor. It produces 1660Nm of fastening torque, making this High Torque Impact Wrench perfect for mechanics, heavy machinery technicians, and heavy construction industries.

The brains driving this beast is a six-mode selection panel that provides excellent control across a selection of various tasks. As ball tearing power is not always what you need, sometimes a little finesse can be required, which the 18V ¾” wrench can also provide.

For our testing, BCM dropped in to visit our mates at Matthews Contracting. The workshop mechanics were a bit camera shy but were happy to show us what the tool was capable of. The lads work on maintaining the Matthews Contracting Fleet of trucks and dogs, excavators, loaders, and compactors. Some of the wheel nuts and other bolts on this array of heavy-duty machinery are huge and may not have been loosened or removed in months or sometimes years. So, to say the Impact Wrench was going to be tested was an understatement.

The max nut busting 2200Nm is achieved when the high torque impact wrench is in speed three setting in the reverse gear. Our first test was the wheel nuts of a truck tyre that stood at about shoulder high. These wheel nuts were almost the size of tennis balls. Our mechanic from Matthews worked his way around the wheel systematically. About half of these broke free instantly while the others took a second to loosen up, but all were removed and replaced and tightened in minutes. So far, so good.

It was time to test the nut busting power of this AEG behemoth. I spotted a compactor that had several bolts with heads that were a good 100mm. These would never have been removed in the life span of the machine, which Matthews Contracting had owned for a good five or six years. 100mm heads are designed for 1” wrenches so therefore this was a super extreme test, which resulted in the Fusion not being able to complete this. This type of test would be more suitable using a 1” wrench. After moving on the rear wheel nuts of the compactor and then the counterweights of an excavator, I was more than impressed with the performance of the high torque impact wrench. A squeeze of the trigger displays the unbridled power of this tool, making short work of tasks that other high torque impact wrenches simply would not have budged.

The six-mode control panel is broken down into two sections, each with three power variations. Meaning there are three-speed settings and three tight auto settings.The speed settings work as follows:
• Speed 1 (115Nm Torque) is the lowest speed and torque setting for your tasks like pre-tensioning car wheel nuts.
• Speed 2 (900Nm Torque) is designed for non-sensitive torque applications, for example M24 x 1.5mm nut.
• Speed 3 (1660 Nm Torque /2200 Nut Busting) is perfect for all trades loosening heavily fastened bolts/nuts, in BCM’s case, heavy machinery wheel nuts. Fastening Masonry anchors and fastening coach screws.

The three settings in the Auto tight mode with the following ratings and uses include:
• Auto tight 1 (Low 200Nm) used for upper level of car wheel nuts, often used as a pre-tensioning setting on truck maintenance
• Auto tight 2 is used for pre-tensioning of truck and heavy machinery components
• Auto tight 3 used for tensioning in truck and heavy machinery applications Due to the size of the machinery, BCM were working on, we relied on the highest settings for our Nut busting and Auto tightening settings. Given the fact that the mechanics in the workshop have air compressors and guns for their day to day loosening and tightening of nuts, the AEG’s High Torque Impact Wrench was very impressive.

When tested, all but one of the nuts and bolts were easily undone. Most of which had been tightened by a commercial, industrial air gun set up.

Make no mistake, this 18V ¾” FUSION 6 Mode High Torque Impact Wrench is designed for heavy-duty applications, and it is AEG’s most powerful cordless tool to date. You are never going to get this level of power and torque from a small compact tool. It is designed to suit its purpose, and its purpose is removing heavy-duty nuts and bolts. Ensure you have a good grip, and you are ready for the power when you squeeze that trigger.

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